Stone Grey 100% Lambswool Blanket

$ 267 USD

The perfect companion for chilly nights, movie marathons, and more, this heavyweight and soft lambswool blanket invites you to curl up and get cozy. The double-stitched satin binding adds extra strength and gives the blanket a tailored edge. The blanket is hypoallergenic and feels soft on sensitive skin. A lambswool  blanket is a handy addition to your bed – either as an extra layer on top of your duvet cover in winter, or as a stand alone layer on top of your flat sheet in warmer months. Natural wool blankets are an investment that will last for many years.

Wool is a natural, renewable, biodegradable, and breathable insulator that is easy to care for, odour resistant, and suitable for multiple seasons. It  is a year-round fabric since it adapts as the temperature changes. The breathability of wool and its moisture-wicking properties draw perspiration away and promote a comfortable temperature. As an added benefit, wool is naturally fire resistant, which makes these natural fiber blankets safer to use around heat sources than some synthetic fibers. 

  • 100% Pure New Wool (Virgin Lambswool from New Zealand)
  • Woolmark Certified
  • 450 g/m2 | total weight: 5.2 lb (2,36 Kg)
  • 98.4 in x 83 in (250 cm x 210 cm). The blanket perfectly fits the size of a double and queen size bed.
  • Made in Italy

How to care for woolen items?


Genuine wool blankets and throws are durable, quality products that will serve you for a long time. We would like to provide you with a few tips for your blankets’ proper care. First, please follow the key instructions for cleaning, drying, and ironing indicated on the item’s label. Below you will find some additional recommendations and tips for care:

1. Since wool can easily absorb external smells, the new wool item should be aired outside. Your throw or blanket will have a pleasant fresh scent in just a few hours.

2. We recommend dry cleaning. After dry cleaning a throw or a blanket should be aired outside as well. If you would like to clean the wool item yourself, hand wash is strongly advised. We suggest that you first pre-soak the throw or the blanket in warm water (below 30° or 22.0 °F). Add a mild detergent and soak the item for 5-10 minutes. When washing the item, use special detergents, containing lanoline, or usual shampoo. These cleaning products will help to preserve the durability of wool item. Do not use detergents that contain bleaching or dying components. After washing, rinse the item in warm water and let it drain first. To wring the woolen blanket, wrap it with a terry towel without intensively twisting or wrenching it. Do not scrub, wring, or stretch your wool blanket or it may lose its shape or stretch out. Let the blanket air dry. Dry flat and do not wring. Never tumble dry as this will cause shrinkage. Blankets should be washed separately to avoid snagging.

3. We suggest that you air wool items outside once or twice a year. Do so in warm, dry weather so that the blanket does not absorb humidity.

4. To protect the colour from fading, avoid exposing the item to direct sunlight.

5. If you are not planning to use your wool bedding for an extended period of time, pack the blanket into a loose bag with unrestrained air flow. For long-term storage, add some moth protection products into the bag. Do not keep wool items in damp or cold spaces as these can be damaged. Since wool can easily absorb external smells, the new wool item should be aired outside. Your throw or blanket will have a pleasant fresh scent in just a few hours.

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