Como superfine merino wool and cashmere throw

$ 107 USD
Color: Anchor and white on silver

Whether you are wrapped up on the sofa or looking for an extra layer of texture to add to your bedroom bedding, you will be pleased by the Como blanket throw. It will keep you warm and cozy. Its lightweight yet warm material is long-lasting and durable.

Merino wool fibres are smaller in diameter and more numerous than regular wool fibre making it one of the softest and most durable types of wool. Cashmere is a wool of incomparable lightness and softness, yet with unmatched body and warmth. Cashmere wool is actually the downy wool that grows beneath a Kashmir goat's coarser exterior hair. Fibres are cultivated by combing the goat rather than clipping it. Each goat only produces a few ounces of cashmere per year, which makes it one of the most rare and expensive luxury natural fibres.

Product description

90% Superfine merino wool, 10% Cashmere 
55 in x 78 in (or 140 cm х 200 cm)

Do not wash. 
Do not bleach. 
Do not tumble dry. 
Do not iron or press. 
Dry clean - mild cycle.



How to care for woolen items?


Genuine wool blankets and throws are durable, quality products that will serve you for a long time. We would like to provide you with a few tips for your blankets’ proper care. First, please follow the key instructions for cleaning, drying, and ironing indicated on the item’s label. Below you will find some additional recommendations and tips for care:

1. Since wool can easily absorb external smells, the new wool item should be aired outside. Your throw or blanket will have a pleasant fresh scent in just a few hours.

2. We recommend dry cleaning. After dry cleaning a throw or a blanket should be aired outside as well. If you would like to clean the wool item yourself, hand wash is strongly advised. We suggest that you first pre-soak the throw or the blanket in warm water (below 30° or 22.0 °F). Add a mild detergent and soak the item for 5-10 minutes. When washing the item, use special detergents, containing lanoline, or usual shampoo. These cleaning products will help to preserve the durability of wool item. Do not use detergents that contain bleaching or dying components. After washing, rinse the item in warm water and let it drain first. To wring the woolen blanket, wrap it with a terry towel without intensively twisting or wrenching it. Do not scrub, wring, or stretch your wool blanket or it may lose its shape or stretch out. Let the blanket air dry. Dry flat and do not wring. Never tumble dry as this will cause shrinkage. Blankets should be washed separately to avoid snagging.

3. We suggest that you air wool items outside once or twice a year. Do so in warm, dry weather so that the blanket does not absorb humidity.

4. To protect the colour from fading, avoid exposing the item to direct sunlight.

5. If you are not planning to use your wool bedding for an extended period of time, pack the blanket into a loose bag with unrestrained air flow. For long-term storage, add some moth protection products into the bag. Do not keep wool items in damp or cold spaces as these can be damaged. Since wool can easily absorb external smells, the new wool item should be aired outside. Your throw or blanket will have a pleasant fresh scent in just a few hours.

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